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Appy Awards

For the first time ever mobile application have been entered into a competition called the Appy awards where the best apps out there get honored. What were the best apps that received honors at the 2012 Appy awards?

Google Maps

Google maps won’t the award for the best travel application. Both the iPhone and Android can use this application. This application is the most accurate and user friendly application – it has “put an end to asking for directions for many.” This application has street views, aerial views, and turn by turn directions that will get you anywhere you want to go.I personally love this app and use it all of the time.


Facebook won the award of the best social and messaging application. Unsurprisingly this app had more downloads than any other app last year. This is most likely due to the fact that over half of the 900 million users are logged into mobile accounts. With this app, you can always be connected to Facebook with notifications, picture uploading abilities, and location based posts.


YouTube won honors for being the best celebrity and entertainment and best music app. YouTube allows you to have access to over 100 million videos with just a touch of a button. The most popular videos on YouTube are music videos and homemade videos and clips. With YouTube, you can stay on top of the entertainment news.

Angry Birds

This is probably the most talked about and most played game out there; it is literally a worldwide phenomenon with over 700 million downloads. This is the best-selling app of all time. It is a game where you have to free birds that have been captured by angry pigs and each level takes less than a minute to complete. This app is soon going to become the basis of a cartoon show and a theme park.

There’s More

There were more winners, but these were the top applications that won honors. You can find out who else won on the Appy awards website. This was the first Appy awards; it will be interesting to see who wins honors next year.

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